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Medella Optimal Health is a state-of-the-art integrative medical clinic offering the latest advances in Naturopathic Medicine. Each practitioner uses a patient centered approach that incorporates each person’s unique biochemical makeup, medical history, and personal health objectives, in order to empower the patient and treat the whole person rather than just the symptoms.

We are a fragrance free clinic.
As a courtesy to our sensitive patients, please refrain from wearing any colognes, perfumes, or tobacco odors to your appointment. Thank you!

At Medella Optimal Health we utilize a proven blend of science and nature to uncover and treat the root cause of your illness. Our Practitioners’ goal is to support your journey towards healing, by using the most effective, least invasive approach to correct underlying imbalances.

Our practitioners are Nationally and Internationally renowned leaders, professors, and authors in the medical field.

Dr. Danielle Miller, ND

IV Micronutrient Therapy
Genetic and Cellular Medicine

Meet Dr. Miller

Dr. Eric Yarnell, ND

Men’s Health

Meet Dr. Yarnell

Karen James, LMT

Medical Massage
Oncology Massage
Manual Lymphatic Drainage

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Dr. Yipei Lin, ND, EAMP, LAc

Women's Health
Infertility and Fertility
Pain Management

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Dr. Sean Bradley, ND, LAc

Natural Pain Management
Sports Medicine and Injuries
Injury Rehabilitation

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Restore and maintain your health with personalized natural care at our convenient Seattle location between Edmonds and Lake Forest Park next to the Shoreline Costco and Aurora Village Transit Center.

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1207 N 200th St #210, Seattle, WA 98133, USA

Patient Reviews

Dr. Miller was able to treat and cure my chronic IBS after only a single visit.  I had seen many doctors prior with only minimal improvements.  I am confident that Dr. Miller is one of the best doctors around and I only wish I had found her years ago.”

- IBS patient

“A massage from Karen is not only relaxing but has helped heal my pain! I have suffered from fibromyalgia for years.   Whenever I leave her office I feel a lot better!  She deserves the highest recommendation possible.”

-Chronic pain and fibromyalgia patient.


Medella Optimal Health will be changing its name to Nutima Integrative Medicine.  Join us on October 11th to celebrate!